I was working one evening and as often when I need to think I grabbed the guitar and played it mindlessly while I thought about the issue I had to solve at work. Before I knew it, work was forgotten and I was writing this song and at the same time wondering why there is so little time to do the things I want to do.. 

Listen by using the player below

The song is available on Spotify as well in almost the same version (I doubt you’ll spot the difference). 

The Lyrics

The rain is pouring
down outside
I don’t care 
No space in my mind

In a tunnel
run ahead
But just took a break 
and wonder

Where is all the time
Lost control, where is my time

Where am I headed?
look in vain
just keep running
all is same

don’t need a break
way to high stakes
in a world that’s 
a fake so

no one dares
no one sees
no one’s thinking
no one leaves

got the speed
got what I need
I am winning 

Wasting all my time
in a race, without my mind
Wasting all this time
I am running, but don’t know why

I can’t see that
far ahead
I don’t care
what is there

See me run
As if I’m not there
Won’t miss a thing
’cause I’m

Wasting all my time
in a race, without my mind

© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014