This little tune came to be on my guitar the same hour as I wrote Ghost. I wanted something more positive so I came up with this tune. A couple of evenings later, everyone were asleep and I decided to try to make this song on the computer and it became a bit Electro/Pop-ish. Let’s call it an influence of the PetShopBoys concert I was at in Copenhagen a few weeks before.

The song is also available on Spotify

The Lyrics

I have seen

now I belive

All this beauty 

so surreal

Can't doubt my eyes

nor what I feel

I won't let you

not see me

Oh my angel

come and stay/play

In my bed

In my bed

Want you with me

need you here

in my head 

in my head

I have a dream

a fantasy

I would want you 

here with me

But we are in 

different leagues

The thought of you

is so surreal

Want to feel you

Touch your skin

Kiss you here

Kiss you there

Want to have you

dance with me

over here



© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014