This song is the result of playing with the android app RD4 Groovebox and my electric guitar. A song about trying to read between the lines. 

Listen by using the player below

The song is also available on Spotify and as a BitTorrent Bundle as well for you to download

There are quite alot of synth-sounds used here, with the analog sounding sounds of RD4 Groovebox used as the base. Also the drums come from that application in some parts. All generated on a Sony Xperia Tablet Z and then imported into the computer for mixing with other synths and sounds.

The Lyrics


My eyes

shouldn't lie

or should they


Full of doubt

I can't know

what others


so unreal

try to read 

between the lines, but my


is in the way

it's blocking what I see


Don't know 

how to know

what is 


is it you

it doesn't feel to good

not to 


Is it me 

I'm blinded 'though

you told me not to read


Betweeeen the lines but I'm blind

I can't see what is 

in your mind

I want you to be clear

about us

You and I

I'm Reading way too much..

Feed me

Give me more to 


I need to 

Search it

See what I 

can find



is it trust

what is on 

your mind

I am 


you're not kind

leavig me in the dark

like you do

 Here is also the original version of the song as it was first time it was published on SoundCloud

© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014