Perfect Storm

This is a song inspired by the weather when it was written, although it has nothing to do with weather at all. I came up with the bridge playing acoustic guitar (at the time thinking it would make a nice verse) and during the evening I sat with the guitar and piano while the rain poured on my window and the wind was huffin’ and puffin’ at my house. I wrote the lyrics that evening and then the song has been recorded in parts during about a week (5 minutes here and there).


(ok.. not really that much storm in the video.. I really need to go out when there is worse weather and shoot some material..)

Behind my window

I’m protected 

Look outside

See the trees are starting


Something is changing

Unknown feeling

life outside

Nothing happens here

That is certain

I can see 

the storm ahead

It can leave me 


When I get there

I will stay

it will be living

You’re the 

perfect storm

for me

The way you move

the way you feel

With your wit

with your smile

with your temper

and your mind

I will fight you

we will bleed

I’ll be the resistance

that you need

We’ll be exhausted 

when we’re done

We will smile

it will be fun 

I have to leave my house

get out

and set my course

Face towards the storm

no hesitation

For once I know

where I’m going

where to head

Can answer the questions

that I ask

to myself

All the thoughts you have

in your head

Need to be said

To be challenged

To be bled

Not easy

© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014