This is my first recording. A song that originally was about how comercial cristmas is somehow became a song about Irony without any mention of christmas in it. It was written just before christmas 2012 and recorded in my bed (due to the ability to close the door to the bedroom as this house is normally not quiet) using the computer, a guitar and headphones with a built-in microphone.

The song is also available on Spotify

The Lyrics

Looking around me and

all I can see

are people that claim that

they're perfectly free

I choose though to doubt it

they look kinda lost

trying to fit in here

no matter the cost

Na na na na

Na naaaa na na na

Na na na na

Na naaaa na na na

Surfing for partner and 

all I can see

are people that are married

to a certain degree

They claim to be handsome

and wanting to play

And that they're honest

and expecting the same

Na nana… 

We're being protected by

the people we chose

From spirits and gamble

we can live without those

But they still need our cash

so they came up with a way

They sell us the same stuff

and thereby ruin our day

Na nana.. 

If you take a good look around

you'll see the world is a stage

There are performers all around us

locked inside their cage

Na nana naa...

Looking around me and 

all I can see

are people that claim to be 

perfectly free

And thinking about it

then gives me the chills

'cause I am no better 

Im just paying my bills

Na nana…

Na nana…

© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014