After a vacation in wonderful Iceland in the spring of 2012 I wrote a song in Icelandic, Draugur. The goal was to write a song in my native language and I liked the results so much that I re-made the song in English as well although the lyrics are not quite on the same subject.

Listen by using the player below

The song is also available on Spotify in a very slightly different version

And here is the Icelandic original

The Lyrics

Where i am

Im alone

Its all over

But no one knows

I should go

Take what i own

Find my way

Find a home

Leave with me

Dont know the way

I need to breathe

Breathe with me

Dont want to stay

Should be free

I dont feel

unlike most

No one sees me

Im a ghost

I don't dare

can't take the cost

but being cheap

I am lost

Live with me

I need you here

I want to feel

Feel with me

There is no life

I need to leave

..leave with me…

© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014