This is a song that I wrote on one of my kids Birthdays. I don’t think there so much to say except whats in the lyrics..

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The Lyrics

Today is your birthday
one year older
time is flying fast with you

It got me thinking
about this dad thing
how it affected me , what I do

Am I any different
How are my values
I haven’t reflected on those before

Now I thought it over
And want to tell you…that

Words go nowhere to describe
how you children changed my life
the feelings is so deep inside
you’re all that matters to me

The feelings that I have for you
I don’t know how to show they’re true
I try to guide you on your route
although I don’t know the way

Not even this time
Did I reflect on
What life would be if you hadn’t come

I simply don’t want to
It doesn’t matter…cause

I’ve forgotten all about
Life without you kids around
Isometimes wonder if I want
You ever too grow up and leave

Words go nowhere to describe
The love for you I feel inside
I am so proud to be your dad
I want you to know what I feel

And It doesn’t matter what you do
I am always there for you
You see, that is what fathers do
You are all that matters to me

Today is your birthday...

© Sverrir Valgeirsson 2014