The Stage

The Stage was written during Christmas time in 2014. The song is a reflection on the world around me (me included) where we put alot of focus on things of invented importance and hold ourselves back from doing what we would really want to due to rules we thought of ourselves.

Come to think of it, it the theme is i little bit related to The Flinch by Julien Smith that I read some years ago.


This song is used in the game Fallur for Android as well



If I look around
Is what I see for real?
Same with what I hear
Doesn’t match what I feel

Future on this stage
– Nothings gonna change
We’ll all pretend the same
– That we’re not playing this game
Shiny happy and free
– That’s what you show to me
Nothing is for real

Put my ear to the ground
Try to understand
Cannot see a way
It all just stays in my head

We all seem to share a stage

though I’ve realised, I think we’re all in a cage
We built it all by ourselves but I wonder
do we even want to get out?

It seems we like our cage
– Nothings gonna change
We’ll all find others to blame
– Since we’re not playing the game
Shiny happy and free
– That’s what you show to me
Our cage is for real

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