The One I Want


A song I wrote early 2016 and managed to get it to over 5 minutes long. A few verses have been removed to get it to a better length now and an attempt to get an interesting sound by mixing guitars and synths freely. I hope you like the it 🙂


I lay awake
I think a lot
I cannot see
what I have lost
It seems it is the one I want
I just let go the one I want

How could I do it
what’s amiss
I had her here
I felt her kiss
but still I let her go
I didn’t let her know

I guess Im scared
to lose control
I don’t want her
or anyone
To be so close
To be to close
To be someone I cannot be without….

She’s the one
She’s the one
She’s the one, the one I want
She’s the one
She’s the one
She’s the one I want but I won’t have

I can see
that she can feel
she can love
she is real
she suffers and rejoices
I stay cold and broken

She’s the one…