Supernatural Temptation

A song I wrote about a beatiful summer night in Smygehamn (southern Sweden).

It was so quiet. No wind at all, like the air was completely still and the mist lay low over the fields and nearby hills. You could say that the elves were dancing slowly across the field infront of me and I came to think of an old icelandic song about standing in the moonlight and seeing elves…


There is also an older recording of this song available on soundcloud:

This song is used in the game Fallur for Android as well


Total darkness
Air is calm
Elves are dancing
Preceding harm

Beauty so seductive
inviting me in
so hard to resist
she wants me to sin

Suitable victim
without much resolve
promises forgotten
those time has dissolved

Not much to fight for
want a way out
the fall is close
but there is a doubt

Wanna run away
Run far far away
Wanna run away
Is there any reason to stay

Where is she from
She is not of my kin
Is she kind
Or is she grim

Her beauty blinds me
I will loose my way
With her besides me
I’m in heaven every day

I want to stay
I really want to stay
I want to stay
Why on earth should I run away

I am scared, should I linger
Do I really have a choice
I am wrapped around her finger
Am I lost, I have no voice

Never a moment
Never at peace
I never forget it
What I have seen

I saw the elves dancing
Was that about me?
I know what it means

Wanna run away…
..I’m hunted, I cannot stay