Ragged dog

One day I was out walking with my daughter passed old lime kilns (kalkugnar in swedish) close by when she started talking about a man she saw there. A man with a limping dog.
I couldn’t see anyone there at all. No man, no dog, no nothing. We were completely alone, but she insisted that there was a man with a limping dog there.
So, as I couldn’t see the man and the dog, I wrote a song about them instead.




In the country
not far
They’ve been seen

In an abandoned
where men used
to work hard


Ragged dog
Is limping about

Ragged dog and his man
are keeping them of the grounds

Scaring kids
Many stories are told

Of how they hunt you down
If they don’t want you around

Are they ghosts
Or are they something else?

Both of them stink
You can smell them from town


But now it is time
I hear someones around

I’ll follow my dog
He’s hunting them out

My ragged dog
Is limpting about
My ragged dog and me are
keeping them off the grounds