I woke up one morning with this song in my head. Eventually I wrote lyrics to it as well and it came to be about addiction (any kind of it..)



Where all this is going I don’t know
Keep pushing you away but you won’t go
Sometimes it seems you’re leaving
but I know
That is an illusion, just a hope
I am owned

By you
I can’t resist you when you come to close
Feels to good to fall for you, let go
Just give in and feel the rush, it flows
I know it isn’t right, should let you go
But I am owned

No one sees it
Won´t say it

By myself
together with you

Can’t explain it
though I’d want to

Love the feeling
It’s landing that brings me down

Is all that I can feel when you are gone
I shouldn’t fall this easy, should be strong
Don’t really understand why I give up
I know what I am doing is just wrong
(guess) I’m not that strong

All I can really do is just go on
Someday I might defeat you, but I’m wrong
You’ll always be around me, I’m not free
You’ll hide there in the shadows, tempting me
Since you own me

You’re all I’ll ever be