No Silver Bullet


This song was made out of anger and disappointment. Basically the fact that there are so many people that both judge others by what group they can assign to them and also that they spend so much time spreading this hatred around.

So, when writing these lyrics I was thinking about a  famous radio show hostess that recently decided to quit working with her show due to the threats against her.


I hear you talk
so simple you make it sound
Everything can be explained

I didn’t know
All problems could be traced
To just one group of people
A few to blame

Don’t believe it
It’s crazy and not true

Don’t believe it
They’re just like me & you

It scary that so many of us
Are afraid of all that’s new
We all come standard equipped with a brain
Please put it to use

Spreading hate
so easy to do today

No need to stand for
what you say

You just hide in groups
of cowards who think alike
claiming it’s freedom of speech
while you’re committing your crimes

Don’t believe it
They’re driven by fear for what’s new

Don’t believe it
Think for yourself, be you

Our world is way to complicated
No silver bullets are true
There are no simple solutions
To generalise is to loose