No one cares


This is a short song I wrote one day and could just sit and play over and over again, just me and my guitar.
Here I added quite a lot of other instruments, but the song really has its own special character even if it’s very short.
I hope the lyrics speak for them selves so I won’t explain it 🙂


No one holds your hand
No one asks your mind
No ones there for you
No one wonders what is true

A haaaa aha

No one hears you cry
No one wonders why
You go forward with a smile
Cause on the surface you are fine

A haaaa aha

They see you there
They know your name
But they don’t care
You take all blame
Cause without you
It’s not the same

There no chance
They’ll let you in
It’s to scary
You might win
So much better to
lock you in