No Man


This is a re-recording and slight re-composition of a track I made a few years ago that I never thought I finished properly although I liked it. I think this is a better version and I hope you like it as well..

This is a song that I wrote after listening to P3-Morgonpasset (on the radio) one morning on my way to work. They were discussing difficult situations and some guy told about when they had stopped someone who was following a woman at night. This is a song about not being that brave..


Late at night
Not feeling sober
On my way
Walking through the darkness down town

Hear some one shouting
Look around
I see a shadow
Following a woman, crying for help

I don’t care since
I don’t know her
I’m afraid
I’ll just ignore her

I turn away
I don’t want hear her
I’ll just mind myself
and leave this place

Morning sun
Reaches my eyes
Waking up
Not feeling right

I can’t let go
though I try
I should just mind myself
and leave the rest alone


I don’t care
I don’t know her
I was afraid
I just ignored her

Why should I
have to save her
She’s not my problem
I have my own

I’m feeling guilty
I can’t deny it
If I was her I’d hoped for help

I don’t deserve to feel any better
I was a coward, all because..

I didn’t care
since i didn’t know her
Now she haunts me
I could have saved her

I don’t know
what came of her
but I should have
been her friend

I was scared
I was a coward
Not a man
Ran away

Wish I could go back
And just shout to her
It’s so little
I had to do