Laying on the floor


On a recent trip to Tokyo I used the flight to watch a lot of TED talks (a recommended way to spend long hours on aircraft). I e-mailed one of the talks, that I found especially good, to a friend who responded with a link to Ash Beckhams talk: ”Coming out of your closet” (embedded at the end of this page), a talk that I have to say is a very good one and that causes one to think about the different closets we’re in at times.
While watching this talk I was also working on a new song and the lyrics reflect some thoughts around the talk that came to me at the time.

This song is used in the game Fallur for Android as well


What I never show
For me, not you to know
My mind is all pitch black
there is no way back

Aaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaa

I’m laying on the floor
don’t want to anymore
Wish I could forget
look ahead instead

Aaaaaaa, Aaaaaa

I’m on the floor
just feeling
sorry for myself
could use some help

To wrap my head
around my world
That I’ve created
for myself

Can’t make no sense
of these reactions
that I see
what don’t they get

I thought my life
was up to me
that I was

What if I came out
Showed them all what I’m about
Would they even care
Can I expect them to be fair

Aaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaa

Why do I even care?
Do I really have to share
Whatever’s on my mind
Let the others just stay blind

Aaaaaa, Aaaaa