Hey Hey


I was sitting in bed one morning just strumming the guitar (like people do) with a cat besides me and feeling a bit melancholic and somehow the basis for this song came out of that..


Once upon a time
Like an hour ago
I decided to go
Head to I don’t know

I set off north
It seemed better so
Any other way
I have been before

I hummed..
Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
I was finally on my way

I came to a house
Where no one seemed home
I let myself in
I sat down on the stove

I waited a while
For someone to arrive
Then cat showed itself
And he sang with a smile

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
..you’re finally on your way

He had this idea
we should auction my life
I liked the thought
we just put it online

But I didn’t care
for how well it would do
Just as long as the deal
Would include all of you

Where ever i go
it can’t get any worse
I seem like I’m fine
but my life is a curse

I follow the roads
that have been laid out
But I can’t find no light
someone put them all out

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
… can you all be on your way?