Going down



I don’t know
what this is
Should have seen it coming
but who did?

Been away
But still here
Not quite looking
but I know what I hear

I’m hearing thunder
As I’m going under
I’m going down
I’m going down

It makes me wonder
wether I’ll land
or keep on down

I can see
In your eyes
They fire lightings at me
See no smile

I can’t run
I can’t hide
I have to face you now
I close my eyes and

I’m hearing

It makes me wonder
If I will rise
also this time around

You may think
I will learn
It’s not that simple
I just like to be burned

I’ll forget
And quite soon
I’ll drive you crazy
Take a strange turn

I will hear thunder
As I will go under
As I go down yeah
I will go down x2

And though I will wonder
I’ll will rise
Also that time around