After a vacation in wonderful Iceland in the spring of 2012 I wrote a song in Icelandic, Draugur( ). The goal was to write a song in my native language and I liked the results so much that I re-made the song in English as well although the lyrics are not quite on the same subject.



Where i am
Im alone
Its all over
But no one knows

I should go
Take what i own
Find my way
Find a home

Leave with me
Dont know the way
I need to breathe

Breathe with me
Dont want to stay
Should be free

I dont feel
unlike most
No one sees me
Im a ghost

I don’t dare
can’t take the cost
but being cheap
I am lost

Live with me
I need you here
I want to feel
Feel with me
There is no life
I need to leave

..leave with me…