From the bottle

This is a song about not being in control or being wrong for someone.
It was written on a guitar as a rock song but as the recordig was done in the  evening when the kids where asleep, there are no  guitars in the final production.

My friend @GulliKid adviced alot on the production/mixin side for this song.




Free me
I know you should
I would

I’m not
The way I
Isn’t real

I see the words
flow like wine
from the bottle
though they’re mine

Who can i blame
for this crime
I should feel lousy
but im fine

My whole world
bows and bends
sometimes much
it all depends
on what I
had to spend
on the bottle
who’s my friend

Leave me
I will destroy
There’s no joy

I’ll break
At least in
you can’t get

In my world
you are mine
I will keep you
for all time
you are good
and in my mind
we are happy
we are fine

You can’t change
what you see
all there is
It’s just me
I won’t admit
I’m not free
that I’m weak
that I’m ill