Daring to fail

I’m not young. I’m one of these old rock stars that never really got that ”star” thing going. Now when I think of it, there wasn’t much rock either, but the years have passed anyway. I’m a rock star because I say so and I make music because that’s what I want to do. And the cool thing about it is that I don’t really care if I am a star or not in your eyes. Being this old and wise has brought certain insights, and one of the most important ones is that I don’t really have to care much what others think about anything.  Sure, if I was depending on selling my music for food I would have to care, but I am not a starving artist. In fact I don’t think it would harm me if I ate a little less.

Now, quite a few of my songs aren’t really that good. Go to soundcloud and die slowly to ”No Silver Bullet” and ”Singing Alone” for example, but I leave them there anyway. I made them. I thought they were pretty good when I did. And someone might like them. And what will happen if no one does? Well, nothing.

So I am over 40 years old now (I know it’s hard to believe) and I dare to fail. In fact I dare to fail so much that I never actually fail. There is always a win in whatever I do and that is the experience gathered. For everything I make, I learn something new. Then if what I have made is of any value to someone else or not is not the definition of it’s a failure or not. Just an interesting datapoint.