Ragged dog

One day I was out walking with my daughter passed old lime kilns (kalkugnar in swedish) close by when she started talking about a man she saw there. A man with a limping dog.
I couldn’t see anyone there at all. No man, no dog, no nothing. We were completely alone, but she insisted that there was a man with a limping dog there.
So, as I couldn’t see the man and the dog, I wrote a song about them instead.




In the country
not far
They’ve been seen

In an abandoned
where men used
to work hard


Ragged dog
Is limping about

Ragged dog and his man
are keeping them of the grounds

Scaring kids
Many stories are told

Of how they hunt you down
If they don’t want you around

Are they ghosts
Or are they something else?

Both of them stink
You can smell them from town


But now it is time
I hear someones around

I’ll follow my dog
He’s hunting them out

My ragged dog
Is limpting about
My ragged dog and me are
keeping them off the grounds



My second recording and a song that is written the same evening as Angel and Supernatural Temptation. I think the lyrics speak for themselves and not much explanation is needed on what the song is about.

The first time I recorded the song the same way as Irony, but later the recording was somewhat reworked for making the song available on Spotify.

And here is the original recording



He’s looking me
Right in the eyes
Can he see
All the lies

That I hide
I hide
I hide
My lies
I hide
My lies
My life
I’m afraid
To tell the truth
My doubts and thoughts
That I owe to you

‘Cause I hide
I hide
I hide
my lies
I hide
my lies
from you

No one has seen
Just who I am
I have fooled the world to believe that
I’m an honest man

My entire life
Is based on lies
Please don’t reveal what you see there
…. in these lonely eyes

But then
Lucky me
He wont talk
What ever he sees
will stay in the dark

He will hide
he’ll hide
he’ll hide
my lies
he’ll hide
my lies
from you



I live in a small town in Sweden called Smygehamn. One day it was just very nice being there and I wrote a song about it. It’s in Swedish, and is almost a commercial for my little town, but I like living here so it’s not an exaggeration.



Här i min by
Ser ut över havet
Är så vackert
Blåser svalt
Känslan av frihet
Njuter av livet
här i havets famn

I Smygehamn
Står i brisen
Nere vid hamnen
Slappnar av
Njuter av maten
Njuter av livet
så som man gör i Smygehamn

Så långt söder
man kan komma
i vårt land
Finns denna pärla
ett paradis
som slutar i sand

Nere vid vår strand
Vid magasinet
där springer barnen
äter glass
tittar på djuren
njuter av livet
så som man gör i Smygehamn

O lite överallt
finns det ugnar
sen länge släkta
där man brände kalk
där kan man leka
Njuta av livet
Så som man gör i Smygehamn
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Alone is a song about having difficult choices and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere in life.



It’s another day ; or so they say
Guess it’s all the same ; as yesterday
Don’t know what to change ; no use anyway
All these people here but we’re alone all the same

I see all these trees; can’t go away
Do they feel like me ; or accept their fate

Who knows where to go
No one cares
We’re alone
No road with golden stones
all will hurt
but one leads home

Never seen such pain ;  as I’ll create
If I choose the way ; as I must some day
How long should we wait ; will it happen by fate
It’s a waiting game, everything will change

I see all these trees; wonder what they’d say
They’re oldest here; ought to show me the way

It’s cold to be alone
Makes you tough
Kills the soul
With you I feel at home
I really know
where I should go

Never alone
Feels all alone
Nowhere to go
Just let go, and move on

It’s cold to be alone
Makes you tough
Kills the soul
With you I feel at home
I really know
where I should go

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This is my first recording. A song that originally was about how comercial cristmas is somehow became a song about Irony without any mention of christmas in it. It was written just before christmas 2012 and recorded in my bed (due to the ability to close the door to the bedroom as this house is normally not quiet) using the computer, a guitar and headphones with a built-in microphone.


Looking around me and
all I can see
are people that claim that
they’re perfectly free

I choose though to doubt it
they look kinda lost
trying to fit in here
no matter the cost

Na na na na
Na naaaa na na na
Na na na na
Na naaaa na na na

Surfing for partner and
all I can see
are people that are married
to a certain degree

They claim to be handsome
and wanting to play
And that they’re honest
and expecting the same

Na nana…

We’re being protected by
the people we chose
From spirits and gamble
we can live without those

But they still need our cash
so they came up with a way
They sell us the same stuff
and thereby ruin our day

Na nana..

If you take a good look around
you’ll see the world is a stage
There are performers all around us
locked inside their cage

Na nana naa…

Looking around me and
all I can see
are people that claim to be
perfectly free

And thinking about it
then gives me the chills
’cause I am no better
Im just paying my bills

Na nana…

Na nana…