The One I Want


A song I wrote early 2016 and managed to get it to over 5 minutes long. A few verses have been removed to get it to a better length now and an attempt to get an interesting sound by mixing guitars and synths freely. I hope you like the it 🙂


I lay awake
I think a lot
I cannot see
what I have lost
It seems it is the one I want
I just let go the one I want

How could I do it
what’s amiss
I had her here
I felt her kiss
but still I let her go
I didn’t let her know

I guess Im scared
to lose control
I don’t want her
or anyone
To be so close
To be to close
To be someone I cannot be without….

She’s the one
She’s the one
She’s the one, the one I want
She’s the one
She’s the one
She’s the one I want but I won’t have

I can see
that she can feel
she can love
she is real
she suffers and rejoices
I stay cold and broken

She’s the one…


Just a dream



I see my self
I am old
I sit outside
Im not alone

All has settled
long ago
The road was long
but we came home

All I see
and all I feel
I can’t believe
it’s just a dream

The time we steal
Helps to heal
makes our dream
feel like it’s real

We don’t know
where to go
how to get out
makes us low

Cause all we see
Is where well be
When we’re older
When we’re free

Your hair has changed
to mountain grey
But not your eyes
they shine the same

Looking at you
I can see
Only beauty
Love still real


Leaving you today



Feeling nervous
Never been so sure
That Im turning in the
right direction

I have planned the words to say
designed for pushing you away
Don’t want you to see how
I’m really feeling

Cause I’m leaving you today
It doesn’t matter what you say
It’s all decided anyway
we both will hate this day
Cause I’m leaving you today
I’ll leave with the answers, I won’t say
Why I’d rather leave than stay
it would hurt to much to say

I tell myself it all for you
You can’t handle all the truth
The things I’ve done, the things I’ve seen
How I think that you are mean

As I’m walking out your door
your feelings shattered on the floor
We just fought a little war
Picked up the peaces and broke em’all

Cause I’m leaving you today
It doesn’t matter what you say
It’s all decided anyway
we both will hate this day
Cause I’m leaving you today
I’ll leave with the answers, I won’t say
Why I’d rather leave than stay
it would hurt to much to say




I woke up one morning with this song in my head. Eventually I wrote lyrics to it as well and it came to be about addiction (any kind of it..)



Where all this is going I don’t know
Keep pushing you away but you won’t go
Sometimes it seems you’re leaving
but I know
That is an illusion, just a hope
I am owned

By you
I can’t resist you when you come to close
Feels to good to fall for you, let go
Just give in and feel the rush, it flows
I know it isn’t right, should let you go
But I am owned

No one sees it
Won´t say it

By myself
together with you

Can’t explain it
though I’d want to

Love the feeling
It’s landing that brings me down

Is all that I can feel when you are gone
I shouldn’t fall this easy, should be strong
Don’t really understand why I give up
I know what I am doing is just wrong
(guess) I’m not that strong

All I can really do is just go on
Someday I might defeat you, but I’m wrong
You’ll always be around me, I’m not free
You’ll hide there in the shadows, tempting me
Since you own me

You’re all I’ll ever be


Laying on the floor


On a recent trip to Tokyo I used the flight to watch a lot of TED talks (a recommended way to spend long hours on aircraft). I e-mailed one of the talks, that I found especially good, to a friend who responded with a link to Ash Beckhams talk: ”Coming out of your closet” (embedded at the end of this page), a talk that I have to say is a very good one and that causes one to think about the different closets we’re in at times.
While watching this talk I was also working on a new song and the lyrics reflect some thoughts around the talk that came to me at the time.

This song is used in the game Fallur for Android as well


What I never show
For me, not you to know
My mind is all pitch black
there is no way back

Aaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaa

I’m laying on the floor
don’t want to anymore
Wish I could forget
look ahead instead

Aaaaaaa, Aaaaaa

I’m on the floor
just feeling
sorry for myself
could use some help

To wrap my head
around my world
That I’ve created
for myself

Can’t make no sense
of these reactions
that I see
what don’t they get

I thought my life
was up to me
that I was

What if I came out
Showed them all what I’m about
Would they even care
Can I expect them to be fair

Aaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaa

Why do I even care?
Do I really have to share
Whatever’s on my mind
Let the others just stay blind

Aaaaaa, Aaaaa


No Silver Bullet


This song was made out of anger and disappointment. Basically the fact that there are so many people that both judge others by what group they can assign to them and also that they spend so much time spreading this hatred around.

So, when writing these lyrics I was thinking about a  famous radio show hostess that recently decided to quit working with her show due to the threats against her.


I hear you talk
so simple you make it sound
Everything can be explained

I didn’t know
All problems could be traced
To just one group of people
A few to blame

Don’t believe it
It’s crazy and not true

Don’t believe it
They’re just like me & you

It scary that so many of us
Are afraid of all that’s new
We all come standard equipped with a brain
Please put it to use

Spreading hate
so easy to do today

No need to stand for
what you say

You just hide in groups
of cowards who think alike
claiming it’s freedom of speech
while you’re committing your crimes

Don’t believe it
They’re driven by fear for what’s new

Don’t believe it
Think for yourself, be you

Our world is way to complicated
No silver bullets are true
There are no simple solutions
To generalise is to loose


Perfect Storm

This is a song inspired by the weather when it was written, although it has nothing to do with weather at all. I came up with the bridge playing acoustic guitar (at the time thinking it would make a nice verse) and during the evening I sat with the guitar and piano while the rain poured on my window and the wind was huffin’ and puffin’ at my house. I wrote the lyrics that evening and then the song has been recorded in parts during about a week (5 minutes here and there).




Behind my window
I’m protected
Look outside
See the trees are starting

Something is changing
Unknown feeling
life outside
Nothing happens here
That is certain

I can see
the storm ahead
It can leave me
When I get there
I will stay
it will be living

You’re the
perfect storm
for me
The way you move
the way you feel

With your wit
with your smile
with your temper
and your mind

I will fight you
we will bleed
I’ll be the resistance
that you need

We’ll be exhausted
when we’re done
We will smile
it will be fun

I have to leave my house
get out
and set my course
Face towards the storm
no hesitation

For once I know
where I’m going
where to head
Can answer the questions
that I ask
to myself

All the thoughts you have
in your head
Need to be said
To be challenged
To be bled
Not easy

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No one knows

I got an update for logic one day(the software I use for recording music) and I ended up playing with some house/electronic sounds that I mixed with the guitar and some singing and this is the results. (oh, and the video is my first attempt of doing anything with Blender)


This song is used in the game Fallur for Android as well


She doesn’t seem
Her seductive smile
doesn’t show

What she hides
from the world
Look in here eyes
they burn

She’s in deep water
Finds no air
Finds no way to escape
from her monster

Should wear a sign saying
she’s out of order
Selling happiness
at the corner

In the mirror she
sees horror
Tries to fix it
doensnt get any better

She’s needs help
But no one knows

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Beneath the snow

I was sitting in the kitchen on a sunday morning in the beginning of 2015 with my guitar and enjoying the days first coffee when this song was made. It took a few days after that to write the lyrics and a week to finish it with help from my friend Johan who always has good opinions.

I hope you enjoy listening to this song as much as I enjoyed making it.



Breath is colder
so are you
snow is falling
blocking view

There is fear
that I can see
Avoiding risks
avoiding me

What is there
beneath the snow
is winter long
will you still go

Sir I might hide
beneath the snow
spring will come
what will it show

Winter came but
it was slow
did you know
it would be so

You didn’t say
you didn’t show
I thought we planned
a different road

Oh I  wonder
How much I wonder
How I wonder
is there life beneath the snow

Different seasons
different ways
Facing somewhere
else some days

I feel heat
I feel chill
I feel tempted
but then I

Wonder what’s
beneath the snow
does something grow
what will  it show

You’re my godess
who I adore
I need your mind
I want much more

Oh I  wonder
How much I wonder
How I wonder
is there love beneath the snow

What is there
Beneath the snow
You won’t tell me
I don’t know

Should I wait or
Should I go
The answer lays
Beneath the snow

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The Stage

The Stage was written during Christmas time in 2014. The song is a reflection on the world around me (me included) where we put alot of focus on things of invented importance and hold ourselves back from doing what we would really want to due to rules we thought of ourselves.

Come to think of it, it the theme is i little bit related to The Flinch by Julien Smith that I read some years ago.


This song is used in the game Fallur for Android as well



If I look around
Is what I see for real?
Same with what I hear
Doesn’t match what I feel

Future on this stage
– Nothings gonna change
We’ll all pretend the same
– That we’re not playing this game
Shiny happy and free
– That’s what you show to me
Nothing is for real

Put my ear to the ground
Try to understand
Cannot see a way
It all just stays in my head

We all seem to share a stage

though I’ve realised, I think we’re all in a cage
We built it all by ourselves but I wonder
do we even want to get out?

It seems we like our cage
– Nothings gonna change
We’ll all find others to blame
– Since we’re not playing the game
Shiny happy and free
– That’s what you show to me
Our cage is for real

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