You to live

I face the worldBy myselfStanding strongwith no one else I like to gomy own wayA stubborn man is what they say But there’s a secretto my lifeHow I depend on you by my side ‘Cause I adorethe air you breaththe ground where you walkyour words to me I need your kissI need your careI need your thought I …

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Death Apart

Another day another story not that different from the ones before I see you’re sad every time this happens all goes bad You say you are evil minded wreaking havoc all around where you are and I should go and save myself from you But I don’t want to I won’t leave you I will …

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I should have seen itI should have caredI was going places. But then I just stayed here Cause I am the waiterI give up everything to serve your needs You demand obedienceYou demand me here You remove all color Life just disappears Cause I am your waiterI give up everything to serve your needs I don’t want a …

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Blue Ocean

Lyrics===== It’s doneahead I see an ocean that is blueeverything is old but also newthe journey I am on, I go with youI pinch myself to see if this is trueI’m sitting writing songs about my dreamssome might come true at least it’s how it seemsjournals full of anger and inner screamsI hope they won’t …

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This song started off as a joke, where Sverrir just sang about some rumors and gossip into a simple tune and sent it off to Arianna for a laugh. Much to Sverrir’s surprise Arianna liked the song and instead of just parking it as a funny one-off thing, Sverrir completed the text and the song …

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A track that started out as an guitar/base/piano/typical-rock track but due to me spending too much time checking out @deadmau5 videos on Masterclass it became a bit more EDM-like.

Special thanks to my friend AryHann for adding her magic to this song.


Waking up
It hurts to know
How long I was gone
Just watched the show
I commited suicide
For a lie

Has been the game
I have been king of it
and victim of my play
I quit my life to chase a lie
no Im not fine

Waking up
I start to feel
Everything that I chose not to see
I have been missing out
Stupid me


Getting up
I start anew
forgetting all that I have put me through
unraveling my past
I am back

all i find
is I’m a lone
it was a lie

all that was
to find the core
there must be more

to life than I have found
i’ll try to keep

The rebel in my heart
the person of the past
The one who got locked up
Unravel ….


Going down



I don’t know
what this is
Should have seen it coming
but who did?

Been away
But still here
Not quite looking
but I know what I hear

I’m hearing thunder
As I’m going under
I’m going down
I’m going down

It makes me wonder
wether I’ll land
or keep on down

I can see
In your eyes
They fire lightings at me
See no smile

I can’t run
I can’t hide
I have to face you now
I close my eyes and

I’m hearing

It makes me wonder
If I will rise
also this time around

You may think
I will learn
It’s not that simple
I just like to be burned

I’ll forget
And quite soon
I’ll drive you crazy
Take a strange turn

I will hear thunder
As I will go under
As I go down yeah
I will go down x2

And though I will wonder
I’ll will rise
Also that time around


Hey Hey


I was sitting in bed one morning just strumming the guitar (like people do) with a cat besides me and feeling a bit melancholic and somehow the basis for this song came out of that..


Once upon a time
Like an hour ago
I decided to go
Head to I don’t know

I set off north
It seemed better so
Any other way
I have been before

I hummed..
Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
I was finally on my way

I came to a house
Where no one seemed home
I let myself in
I sat down on the stove

I waited a while
For someone to arrive
Then cat showed itself
And he sang with a smile

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey’re finally on your way

He had this idea
we should auction my life
I liked the thought
we just put it online

But I didn’t care
for how well it would do
Just as long as the deal
Would include all of you

Where ever i go
it can’t get any worse
I seem like I’m fine
but my life is a curse

I follow the roads
that have been laid out
But I can’t find no light
someone put them all out

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
… can you all be on your way?


No one cares


This is a short song I wrote one day and could just sit and play over and over again, just me and my guitar.
Here I added quite a lot of other instruments, but the song really has its own special character even if it’s very short.
I hope the lyrics speak for them selves so I won’t explain it 🙂


No one holds your hand
No one asks your mind
No ones there for you
No one wonders what is true

A haaaa aha

No one hears you cry
No one wonders why
You go forward with a smile
Cause on the surface you are fine

A haaaa aha

They see you there
They know your name
But they don’t care
You take all blame
Cause without you
It’s not the same

There no chance
They’ll let you in
It’s to scary
You might win
So much better to
lock you in


No Man


This is a re-recording and slight re-composition of a track I made a few years ago that I never thought I finished properly although I liked it. I think this is a better version and I hope you like it as well..

This is a song that I wrote after listening to P3-Morgonpasset (on the radio) one morning on my way to work. They were discussing difficult situations and some guy told about when they had stopped someone who was following a woman at night. This is a song about not being that brave..


Late at night
Not feeling sober
On my way
Walking through the darkness down town

Hear some one shouting
Look around
I see a shadow
Following a woman, crying for help

I don’t care since
I don’t know her
I’m afraid
I’ll just ignore her

I turn away
I don’t want hear her
I’ll just mind myself
and leave this place

Morning sun
Reaches my eyes
Waking up
Not feeling right

I can’t let go
though I try
I should just mind myself
and leave the rest alone


I don’t care
I don’t know her
I was afraid
I just ignored her

Why should I
have to save her
She’s not my problem
I have my own

I’m feeling guilty
I can’t deny it
If I was her I’d hoped for help

I don’t deserve to feel any better
I was a coward, all because..

I didn’t care
since i didn’t know her
Now she haunts me
I could have saved her

I don’t know
what came of her
but I should have
been her friend

I was scared
I was a coward
Not a man
Ran away

Wish I could go back
And just shout to her
It’s so little
I had to do