Apple Music in Spotify Country

I got this free Apple Music membership a while back, and didn’t cancel it.. So perhaps it’s an idea to try it out. Now, I am in Sweden and I have had a Spotify account forever.. but before I signed up with Spotify I actually kept all my music in iTunes and would buy the music I wanted there.

Fast forward lots of years (I actually don’t know when I started using Spotify, but it was at least 2 houses ago.. ) and iTunes hasn’t changed at all. On the computer it’s the same as it always was. A little sluggish but functional.

Using it on the iPhone was a bit confusing at first. Nothing synced to the phone but apparently I had to turn on iCloud for music syncing. I don’t know were that setting is, but after some annoyed clicking around in the App it suggested to sync up and then it did.

The App on the iPhone is similar to the desktop version. A bit sluggish, and often lacking a visual feedback for an action performed.

Example: Downloading a song means pressing the button in (1). Then it should go to (2) and finally (3) and so on.. But if marking a bunch of songs for download, the icons stay at (1) forever..

Another Example is adding to playlists. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. There is no feedback. Just try to add the song again and it will tell you if it’s already there..

Generally though the application is simple to use. It’s a very different beast than the Spotify one, but once I had set my mind into iTunes mode it all made sense. Except removing a song from being downloaded on the device. That makes no sense.

I’ll keep using the Apple Music App. I like the look of it. I like how it plays well with my other songs (mp3s). All the issues I have with it are minor and will probably be adressed when the busy people at Apple get to it. Except one. I would like it to play on Chromecast. I doubt that will ever happen.

Anyway. Spotify is great. Apple Music is different but also does the job just fine.

Here is a brilliant playlist to try on your Apple Music