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Supernatural Temptation

A song I wrote about a beatiful summer night in Smygehamn (southern Sweden). It was so quiet. No wind at all, like the air was completely still and the mist lay low over the fields and nearby hills. You could say that the elves were dancing slowly across the field infront of me and I […]


After a vacation in wonderful Iceland in the spring of 2012 I wrote a song in Icelandic, Draugur( ). The goal was to write a song in my native language and I liked the results so much that I re-made the song in English as well although the lyrics are not quite on the same subject. […]

From the bottle

This is a song about not being in control or being wrong for someone. It was written on a guitar as a rock song but as the recordig was done in the  evening when the kids where asleep, there are no  guitars in the final production. My friend @GulliKid adviced alot on the production/mixin side […]

Ragged dog

One day I was out walking with my daughter passed old lime kilns (kalkugnar in swedish) close by when she started talking about a man she saw there. A man with a limping dog. I couldn’t see anyone there at all. No man, no dog, no nothing. We were completely alone, but she insisted that […]


My second recording and a song that is written the same evening as Angel and Supernatural Temptation. I think the lyrics speak for themselves and not much explanation is needed on what the song is about. The first time I recorded the song the same way as Irony, but later the recording was somewhat reworked […]


Alone is a song about having difficult choices and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere in life.   Lyrics It’s another day ; or so they say Guess it’s all the same ; as yesterday Don’t know what to change ; no use anyway All these people here but we’re alone all the same I […]


This is my first recording. A song that originally was about how comercial cristmas is somehow became a song about Irony without any mention of christmas in it. It was written just before christmas 2012 and recorded in my bed (due to the ability to close the door to the bedroom as this house is […]