No Silver Bullet

     This song was made out of anger and disappointment. Basically the fact that there are so many people that both judge others by what group they can assign to them and also that they spend so much time spreading this hatred around. So, when writing these lyrics I was thinking about a  famous radio […]

Perfect Storm

This is a song inspired by the weather when it was written, although it has nothing to do with weather at all. I came up with the bridge playing acoustic guitar (at the time thinking it would make a nice verse) and during the evening I sat with the guitar and piano while the rain […]

No one knows

I got an update for logic one day(the software I use for recording music) and I ended up playing with some house/electronic sounds that I mixed with the guitar and some singing and this is the results. (oh, and the video is my first attempt of doing anything with Blender)        This song is […]

Beneath the snow

I was sitting in the kitchen on a sunday morning in the beginning of 2015 with my guitar and enjoying the days first coffee when this song was made. It took a few days after that to write the lyrics and a week to finish it with help from my friend Johan who always has […]

The Stage

The Stage was written during Christmas time in 2014. The song is a reflection on the world around me (me included) where we put alot of focus on things of invented importance and hold ourselves back from doing what we would really want to due to rules we thought of ourselves. Come to think of […]

Who’s your lover now

This is a song that came to be after two calm songs where written (Believe in me and Singing alone). This one came to when playing with a classical guitar and the lyrics of the chorus just came along with it and I then imagined a story behind those lines that made up the rest […]


I was working one evening and as often when I need to think I grabbed the guitar and played it mindlessly while I thought about the issue I had to solve at work. Before I knew it, work was forgotten and I was writing this song and at the same time wondering why there is […]


I have two wonderful children. This song written on one of their birthdays in a moment of reflection.        Lyrics Today is your birthday one year older time is flying fast with you It got me thinking about this dad thing how it affected me , what I do Am I any different How […]


There are quite alot of synth-sounds used here, with the analog sounding sounds of RD4 Groovebox used as the base. Also the drums come from that application in some parts. All generated on a Sony Xperia Tablet Z and then imported into the computer for mixing with other synths and sounds. The song is about […]


This little tune came to be on my guitar the same hour as I wrote Ghost. I wanted something more positive so I came up with this tune. A couple of evenings later, everyone were asleep and I decided to try to make this song on the computer and it became a bit Electro/Pop-ish. Let’s […]