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     A track that started out as an guitar/base/piano/typical-rock track but due to me spending too much time checking out @deadmau5 videos on Masterclass it became a bit more EDM-like. Special thanks to my friend AryHann for adding her magic to this song. Lyrics ====== Waking up It hurts to know How long I was […]

Going down

     Lyrics ====== I don’t know what this is Should have seen it coming but who did? Been away But still here Not quite looking but I know what I hear I’m hearing thunder As I’m going under I’m going down I’m going down x2 It makes me wonder wether I’ll land or keep on […]

Hey Hey

     I was sitting in bed one morning just strumming the guitar (like people do) with a cat besides me and feeling a bit melancholic and somehow the basis for this song came out of that.. Lyrics ====== Once upon a time Like an hour ago I decided to go Head to I don’t know […]

No one cares

     This is a short song I wrote one day and could just sit and play over and over again, just me and my guitar. Here I added quite a lot of other instruments, but the song really has its own special character even if it’s very short. I hope the lyrics speak for them […]

No Man

     This is a re-recording and slight re-composition of a track I made a few years ago that I never thought I finished properly although I liked it. I think this is a better version and I hope you like it as well.. This is a song that I wrote after listening to P3-Morgonpasset (on […]

The One I Want

     A song I wrote early 2016 and managed to get it to over 5 minutes long. A few verses have been removed to get it to a better length now and an attempt to get an interesting sound by mixing guitars and synths freely. I hope you like the it 🙂 Lyrics I lay […]

Just a dream

     Lyrics I see my self I am old I sit outside Im not alone All has settled long ago The road was long but we came home All I see and all I feel I can’t believe it’s just a dream The time we steal Helps to heal makes our dream feel like it’s […]

Leaving you today

     Lyrics Feeling nervous Never been so sure That Im turning in the right direction I have planned the words to say designed for pushing you away Don’t want you to see how I’m really feeling Cause I’m leaving you today It doesn’t matter what you say It’s all decided anyway we both will hate […]


       I woke up one morning with this song in my head. Eventually I wrote lyrics to it as well and it came to be about addiction (any kind of it..)   Lyrics So Where all this is going I don’t know Keep pushing you away but you won’t go Sometimes it seems you’re […]

Laying on the floor

     On a recent trip to Tokyo I used the flight to watch a lot of TED talks (a recommended way to spend long hours on aircraft). I e-mailed one of the talks, that I found especially good, to a friend who responded with a link to Ash Beckhams talk: ”Coming out of your closet” […]